Social Media Invades Television!

No longer are the hemispheres of television and social media separately defined. Nowadays, you often see TV commercials that introduce the company’s social network presence whether it’s their Facebook link or Twitter and Instagram handles. Why? In order to create an exceptionally well-rounded campaign or brand, aspects from the different advertising strategies must be intertwined. Here are reasons why integrating social media into traditional forms of advertising, specifically television, is something you or your company should think about.

First -Television and social media can work hand-in-hand and provide beneficial results. Television drives consumers to visit a company’s social media website by displaying a social network link during their commercial or plug to provide more information on the product or service being offered. At the same time, other consumers are turning on their televisions as directed by the visited social media site to watch the commercial that might be unveiling a new product. This shows how these two mediums can work together to increase user engagement and create continuous spotlight around your company. For example, take a look at this screenshot of the 2013 Oscars commercial for Diet Coke that aired in Europe. It features the direct Facebook link right under the logo and tagline.

Diet Coke Commercial

Speaking of highly rated nights on television, Twitter was the dominant social media platform of the 2013 Super Bowl, generating about 24.1 million tweets, more than the presidential election at 23 million. This is due to the encouragement to use hashtags provided by involved sports anchors and commercials. See the screenshot below of how Budweiser integrated Twitter into their TV commercial.

Budweiser Commercial

To see more of the Twitter breakdown concerning the featured commercials, click here. With over 200 million active users, Twitter is no longer a “we’ll see” tactic, but an obligation for most businesses to provide their Twitter handle during their commercial when relevant.

Second – Television allows its viewers, more than any other medium, time for social networking. More than 75 percent of television viewers go on Facebook while watching TV. It only makes sense to show people how they can connect with your business while they actually have the opportunity to.

Third – Adding your social media presence to your commercial gives your commercial a longer lifespan. Due to cyber conversations centered on that commercial, essentially, companies are getting more “bang for their buck” and prolonging the commercial in the consumer’s mind.

Fourth – It is easier to track commercial views when using social media. When a commercial airs and uses a specific hashtag, you can see how many people used that hashtag and therefore, saw your commercial. Of course there is the Nielsen rating system but that will provide the show’s rating, not the rating of your specific commercial. This strategy produces a more targeted result towards your TV spot. It’s all about results as we say here at Different Perspective.

Combining traditional with newer forms of media is not the future: it’s the present.

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